2.00 Ct Round Diamond VS2 E-F

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This stunning 2.00 carat Round Brilliant Diamond is F color, VS2 clarity, EX Cut 


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The grading's posted were taken from an appraisal completed by a Certified Gemologist. 
If unfamiliar with the diamond labs used to evaluate diamonds you can research them online. EGL, GIE etc, all have different grading standards than IGI or IGL and GIA. 
Appraisals by other grading institutes are different than the standards used by GIA appraisers.
They grade more generously and will be different. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a Diamond graded by a different lab, as long as you understand what you are buying and pay accordingly. They should always cost less. 

You can inquire at your local jewelry store as to what grading standard they use so you can accurately compare them should you want an independent evaluation. 
Custom Sizing may add 2-3 days working time & 
Custom orders can take 15-20 working days. 

Items concidered for return or exchange will incur a minimum 15% Restock Fee
Great opportunity to own a Real Diamond at a fraction of the price.

HPHT stands for high pressure and high temperature. HPHT is a technique developed in the 1950s. Through HPHT, genuine diamonds can be created & have their color grade improved to make them whiter. 
In 2018, the FTC ruled that, for all intents and purposes, HPHT Diamonds, CVD diamonds and earth mined diamonds are the same thing: 100% a diamond!
As such, they are and are graded and traded as such. 
These are NOT diamond simulates. 
They are a Great opportunity to own a Real Diamond at a fraction of the price.

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